Governing Board

The top management, overseeing all operations, is our Governing Board which has sole authority over the rights and responsibilities of PAC. This includes authority over the conduct of the Technical Advisory Council and the Accreditation Review Board. The Governing Board appoints the members of the Technical Advisory Council. PAC being an independent Private Limited Company is governed by the board of PAC

This board has overall authority and responsibilities for the operations of PAC to ensure that the Policies and Procedures shall be implemented in all the work of PAC and also that the interests of the Customers, Stakeholders andPublicare represented. The terms of reference of this boardare the following amongst others:

Development of Policies, Regulation and Procedures relating to the operations of PAC.
Supervision of the implementation of the Policies and Procedures of PAC.
Supervision of the finances of PAC.
Contractual Arrangements.
Legal & Statutory Compliance.

PAC aims to be effective, efficient and transparent in delivering its services. PAC is impartial in decision-making, regularly monitoring its performance, and always looking for ways to improve.