Become an Assessor/Expert

The Pennsylvania Accreditation Centre (PAC) is an independent Accreditation Body constantly looking for new assessors to support its activity and respond to the opening of new accreditation schemes in rare or specialized areas of expertise. You contribute in establishing a world-class economy.
Shape your career path internationally and expand your professional network.

Understanding your role

  • Team Leader
    A person who is given the overall responsibility for the management of an assessment, and may, alone or as part of an assessment team, assess the Management System and/or Technical activities for a specific scope of accreditation.
  • Technical Assessor
    A person assigned to perform a technical part(s) for a specific scope of accreditation.
  • Management System Assessor
    A person assigned to primarily assess the management system for a specific assessment activity.
  • Technical Expert
    A person assigned, working under the responsibility of an assessor, to provide a specific knowledge or expertise with respect to the scope of accreditation

Clients can decide either to join the Public Training or request for a Focus Group Training
-In Client Premises Training-

The path to becoming an Assessor/Expert

  • Step 1
    Apply now to become one of our Assessors
  • Step 2
    We'll help you get registered a fast as possible while making sure you have the right competencies and skills to serve our clients
  • Step 3
    Provide our customer base with consistent, timely outcomes while ensuring PACs credibility and authority demanded in the accreditation industry.